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Advantages of Abacus Maths

 See how Abacus is helpful for our brain. 

It is a well known fact that Abacus in an instrument which was invented in China and is used for learning mental arithmetic. This tool is generally used for basic mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. With the help of Abacus, the right brain of a child is developed. There are a number of advantages of Abacus training which makes it an ideal choice for many people and proves to be extremely helpful and useful in their day to day tasks.

With the help of Abacus, it is possible for an individual to have a better level of concentration and it becomes easy for him to focus on things and tasks in order to accomplish them to the maximum possible level of betterment. The use of Abacus also helps in developing the memory charges of human brain which makes it possible for an individual to remember more and more things in an easy manner. Along with these, the use of Abacus also helps in the following:


·       Inculcates creativity within an individual.

·       Makes it easy for an individual to perform calculations in a very easy and fast manner.

·       Develops confidence within people about their skills like calculations, concentration etc.

·       Helps in enhancing the learning ability of an individual to all new heights

·       Adds extra visualisation power within the person thereby making things easy and more understandable for him.


Abacus, on ground level, may be described as a small wooden frame which consists of several rows of beads into it. This simple apparatus can prove to be extremely helpful in enhancing your mathematical abilities and making you more concerned and inclined towards your goal. One of the advantages of Abacus training is that it can prove to be extremely helpful in developing your memory status, accuracy, concentration, and ability to learn new things in a very quick manner.

There are a number of myths which are associated with the mental arithmetic status. Some people feel that this skill is made for only those people who are having an inborn talent of this skill. Some feel that it doesn’t take much time to develop these skills within him. But it is not so. All the things need proper time and with time everything can be sorted and solved. Yes, it will take a little time but with the course of time and continuous practise, there will not be much need of inborn talent!


Now we will discuss about how is it possible to develop the power of brain in such an effective manner with the use of Abacus.  The major role in this task is played by the colourful and small little beads present in the form of rows in the frame of Abacus. These beads are imported into the brain as numbers in the form of audio visual signals which prove to be helpful while performing mental tasks and calculations of mathematics.

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